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Select articles from the society's publications edited by Dr Paul A Fox

The Heraldry Society’s main publication “The Coat of Arms” has now been in existence for sixty years and contains a wealth of original material on diverse topics. The “Heraldry Gazette” has gradually evolved from being a simple newsletter to having more illustrated features.

This section has two principal aims: firstly to showcase some of the best of our published material, and secondly, to create an on-line heraldic resource with the aim of stimulating interest in the subject. The intention is that this archive will gradually become more and more comprehensive. To that end you are invited to fill in gaps by submitting your own material, which should be sent to the editor.

How to navigate

The Articles are categorised into 18 sections. Navigation can be achieved by using the scroller at the top of this window. Simply glide the scroller and click the desired category.

Once you have chosen the category you can select the article from the list and scroll up and down using the arrows at the bottom the window.

To view the articles Adobe Reader is required . This can be downloaded free by clicking the link below.

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