The Entrance to the Society of Antiquaries
The Entrance to the Society of Antiquaries


The Heraldry Society holds a variety of events throughout the year, many of them open to the public. Why not come along and find out what heraldry is all about?


The Heraldry Society holds a series of public lectures, from September to May each year. These are on a variety of heraldic subjects and are open to the public. Normally the lectures are held at 6.30pm at The Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House, Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 0BE.

Anniversary Lunch

Each year The Heraldry Society holds a lunch to celebrate the anniversary of its founding. This is normally held at the RAF Club on Piccadilly.

Biennial Congress

Every 2 years the Society organises a 2-3 day Congress at a University with lectures and visits on a particular heraldic theme.  Check out the Congress pages for more information.



17 October 2018

Society Visit to Pewterers’ Hall

The visit will reveal the Arms, Royal Charters, and Pewter Collections that tell the story of over five hundred years of this ancient craft, from 1348 to 2018. (Flier in June 2018 mailing)

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17 April 2019

The Supporters of the Peers of England in New York, Morgan Library, ms MA 3318: An Early Elizabethan Armorial of the Peerage

Lecture by Professor D’Arcy J D Boulton UE MStJ BA Hons (Toronto) MA PhD (Penn) DPhil (Oxon) FRHSC FSA AIH ICOC; Professor Emeritus of History and Medieval Studies, University of Notre Dame; Adjunct Professor of Divinity, Trinity College, University of Toronto; Editor, Alta Studia Heraldica, The Scholarly Journal of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, and Vice-Dean and Registrar of the College of Fellows of that Society

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