Image Library

Terms and Conditions

Using the Library

Our library contains over 12,000 image files, and is free to use.

Most of these are copies of transparencies donated to us by past and present members over many decades. These have been scanned and usually digitally enhanced, and indexed with whatever data we have been given or can deduce. Often our information about an image’s source or provenance is incomplete, and its copyright status uncertain. The remainder of the collection consists of digital images made and shared by members, who have licenced the Society to use them.

If you use any item from this library, in whole or in part or in any form, for presentation or publication, we ask only that you acknowledge the Heraldry Society as the source, and where possible include a link to this website.

Find an image by using the search form. You will then be directed to a checkout form asking for personal contact information. We may hold these data in our records, but would use them only for administration or for communication with you. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Giving to the Library

If you have any images of heraldry or related subjects which you are willing to share, please contact us.

We ask only:

  1. that images should be of sufficient quality for presentation in a lecture
  2. that you give us all the information you have about the image:
    identification, location, source, copyright and anything else that may be relevant.

If you give us slides or photographic prints, we will scan them. For digital images, JPEG is our preferred format.

Unless they duplicate images we already have, we will add your donations to the library and add the information you supply to the catalogue.

Can you identify an image?

Not all images are properly identified – slides may be unlabelled and the lecturer’s catalogue lost. We have collected the most interesting on a server, for readers to browse – click here: Queries folder. If you know anything about any of them – identity, location, source, date – please let us know.

Please address offers, enquiries and comments to the Image Librarian at: