Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms

Many of the members of the Heraldry Society are armigerous, ie. they have a coat of arms. This gives us an opportunity to introduce you to the wide range of designs and styles that are used for modern, and ancient, heraldry. The arms are organised by the member’s surname.

Current Members

Davies, Martin

Per fess in chief Ermine two pallets bendy Or and Azure and in base bendy Or and Azure two pallets Ermine
A demi-griffin Or gorged with an ancient crown Gules and charged on the underside of the wings with a cross throughout also Gules holding in its claws a garb Or bound and knotted with a ribband per fess Argent and Vert
O Galon Dda Da Fydd (From A Good Heart Good Will Come)
The College of Arms, 19 October 1995.

For a badge: A garb Or enfiling an ancient crown Gules all within a bell-ringer's sally coloured Azure and Or and in base the top end and tail tied in a bow proper. Artist: Anthony Wood.