Corporate Heraldry Award

Biennially the Society makes an award to a corporate body in recognition of a corporation who are deemed to be using their legitimate grant of Arms to good effect, thus not only promoting themselves and in turn Heraldry.

The Award takes the form of an exemplification of their Arms painted by one of the Society’s talented heraldic artist and presented in a mounted and framed acknowledgement.

The Award is usually presented at the Society’s Anniversary Lunch which takes place in February.  This is often done, if required, at a venue suitable to the recipient of the Award.

The Award is not viewed as a competition; the Award Committee look for a submission that demonstrates how the Arms are being put to wide and effective use.

Any member may nominate a corporate body; they need to liaise with its public relations officer to explain the nature of the Award.  The presentation usually provides a valuable publicity opportunity both nationally and locally.  The evidence should be brought together and presented in a manner that supports the submission in the best way for the Committee.  They also need to liaise with the Award Coordinator of the Heraldry Society.

The Award went to the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers in 2019; nominated by member Martin Davies.

Previous Awards have been presented to Livery Companies, City and Borough Councils, Girlguides, Professional bodies, to name but a few.

Submissions via the Society’s Coordinator will be accepted from January 2021.

Contact Clive Alexander: for more details.