The Information Technologists' Hall
The Information Technologists' Hall

Heraldry in the 21st Century: An exploration of Digital Heraldic Design

6:00 pm 12 December 2019 The Information Technologists' Hall, 39A Bartholomew Close London EC1A 7JN

This presentation and panel Q&A will explore the role of digital heraldic design in the 21st century, exploring an ancient art and science through a thoroughly modern lens.

The presentation will be delivered by Paul Jagger, Court Assistant of the Information Technologists’ Company and member of several heraldic societies. Also on hand to answer your questions will be Quentin Peacock, propriator of who counts among his clients the British Olympic team, City Livery Companies and many private clients.

The event is open to anyone who has an interest in the design and usage of heraldry in the digital realm, and will contrast digital heraldic design with the more traditional methods of the heraldic painter.

Digital Heraldry