Fellows and Honorary Fellows of The Heraldry Society

The Fellowship is the highest honour which the Society can bestow, and is a recognition of outstanding achievement in connection with the art and science of heraldry. 

The neck insignia worn by an Honorary Fellow of the Society. A Fellow wears the same but with the addition of a yellow stripe on the ribbon

The Faculty of Fellows, in admitting a new member, takes into particular consideration published work and distinction in the field of  education. In accordance with the Society’s articles, only a member of the Society can be made a Fellow. The number of Fellows is limited to 50.

The Honorary Fellowship can be awarded both to members and to non members. These individuals will have, over a long period of time, provided outstanding service to the Society and/or to heraldry in general.

ALPHABETICAL LIST OF FELLOWS with dates of election

Dr Adrian P Ailes, FSA 1st April 1992, prev Hon Fellow 1991
Prof D’Arcy J D Boulton 15th February 2021
Mr Ralph Brocklebank 9th February 2009
Mr Robert Brown 26th March 2018
Dr Clive E A Cheesman, FSA 15th February 2021
Mr John Ferguson 22nd November 2001
Dr Paul A Fox, FSA 4th September 2017
Mr Stephen Friar 30th March 1994
Dr Andrew Gray 21st January 2015
Mr David Hopkinson 24th July 2017
Mr Anthony Ll Jones 22nd November 1999
Mr Keith Lovell, also Vice-President 10th February 2004, prev Hon Fellow 1992
Mr R.John Malden, Retd Unicorn Pursuivant 24th July 2017
Mr Robert Meeds 24th July 2017
Dr Kenneth Mourin 10th February 2004
Mr M Peter D O’Donoghue, FSA 15th February 2021
Mrs Elizabeth Roads, MVO, FSA, Snawdoun Herald 26th  March 2018
Dr Michael P Siddons, FSA, Retd Wales Herald Extraordinary 26th June 1996
Mr Stephen Slater 9th February 2009
Mr Roland Symons 24th July 2017
Mr John Titterton, FSA 8th January 2018
Mr Anthony Wood 4th July 1979
Mr Thomas Woodcock, CVO, FSA, Garter King of Arms 26th June 1996




Mr Graham F Beck 11th June 1980
Mr S Patrick Cracroft-Brennan 9th March 1988
Mr Martin J Davies 7th May 1997
Mr D Peter F Giles 7th May 1997
Dr Malcolm Golin 11th February 2003
Mr Robert S Harrison 18th September 1996
Mr David S Hopkinson 12th February 2000
Mr David C Hubber, also Vice President 2nd May 2001
Mr Graeme Jebb 16th September 1992
Mr Melvyn Jeremiah, CB, also Vice President 12th May 2014
Dr Bernard Juby 6th June 1989
Mr Darrel E Kennedy 7th May 1997
Mr Colin Lee 2nd February 2000
Mr J David Lee 7th May 1997
Lord Lingfield 17th June 1987
Mr Henry S Lynn Jr 7th May 1997
Mr Kenneth A Porter 3rd February 1999
Mr Adrian de Redman 11th February 2003
Major J C Riley
Miss Mary Rose Rogers 9th April 1986
John Tunesi of Liongam 5th September 2016
Jane Tunesi of Liongam 5th September 2016
Mr Robert Watt, Retd Chief Herald of Canada and President of the AIH 7th May 1997
Mr David V White, Somerset Herald, also Vice President 12th May 2014