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The Coat of Arms 2018

By The Heraldry Society.

The Coat of Arms, Series 4, Volume 1, Number 235, 2018

Our scholarly journal is produced once a year in September and is sent to all members.

267 pages of articles, with many coloured illustrations – you can’t really discuss heraldry without coloured images.

There is something for everyone in this volume, the beginner and more experienced.



Collins, D. Mark    The heraldry and badges of King Richard II at Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster

Goddard, Richard   London livery companies old and new, armorial design of the later twentieth century

Woodcock, Thomas    Heraldry in Old St Pancras Church

Fox, Paul A.    Brotherhood in arms

Hilton, J. A.   English Catholic Heraldry since toleration 1778-2010

Baker, Richard h. & Fox, Paul A.  Dom Anselm Baker (1833-85) heraldic artist

Carter, Michael   The arms of Cistercian abbeys as drawn by Dom Anselm Baker Part 1: Yorkshire

Bostock, Anthony  The heraldic screens of Middlewich, Cheshire

Slater, Stephen  A Wiltshire passion for cognizances, the Hungerford family and its allies

Sutherland, Duncan  Pineapples, pelicans and Pursuivants: heraldry in Jamaica 1660 to 2010

Clemmenson, Steen  Personal Heraldry in the Teutonic Order

Boulton, D’Arcy Jonathan Dacre  The display of arms in their primary martial contexts part 2: the pre-classic period in England c. 1217 t- c. 1327 Shields, Horse-trappers, Martial Coats, Crests and Ailettes

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