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The Coat of Arms 2019

By The Heraldry Society, edited by Dr Paul Fox.

The Coat of Arms, Series 4, Volume 2, Number 236, 2019

Our scholarly journal is produced once a year on September and sent to all members.

249 pages of articles, with many coloured illustrations.

There is something of interest to all, whether you are a beginner with the study of heraldry or more experienced.


Pidal, Faustino Menendez  Interpreting the castle of Castile

Boulton, D’Arcy Jonathan Dacre  The display of arms in their primary martial contexts part 2b: the Pre-Classic Period in England, c. 1217-c. 1327. Flags, old and new: the gonfanon, banner, and pennon.

Fox, Paul A.  George Washington and the origin of the arms and flag of the United States.

Allfrey, Philip  The Armorial Bearings Duty, 1798-1944.

Humphreys, Stephen  The last sitting of the Court of Chivalry: an undisclosed conflict of interest, amongst other confusions.

Hammond, Norman  The anatomist’s arms: the memorials to Sir Thomas Baines (1622-1681) in Christ’s College, Cambridge.

Fox, Paul A.  The arms of the Cistercian Abbeys as illustrated by Dom Anselm Baker Part 2; The South West of England.

Holton, Yvonne  The heraldic compartment.

Ailes, Adrian  Birds and beasts in English heraldry 1100-1500: creation or evolution?

Bodman, Michael P.  A rare St. George badge on a collar of SS, from the tomb of Simon Digby (d.1520)min Coleshill Church, Warwickshire.

Heraldic artefacts reported under the Treasure Act and the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

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