Speakers List

List of Lectures

An introduction to Heraldry for Genealogists David Appleton
The Heralds Visitations, an Often Overlooked Genealogical Resource David Appleton
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in American Heraldry David Appleton
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in Canadian Heraldry David Appleton
The Gore Roll: A Colonial American Roll of Arms David Appleton
The Westford Knight: Heraldic Evidence for Pre-Columbian Scots in America? David Appleton
The Boke of St Albans, an introduction (discussing the heraldic portions of the Boke) David Appleton
Interpreting Blazon, the Language of Heraldry David Appleton
Coats of Arms: Meanings and Myths David Appleton
The United States of America: the search for a National Coat of Arms David Appleton
History, Heraldry, and [American] Colonial Connections David Appleton
History, Heraldry, and Mayflower Connections David Appleton
An Introduction to Genealogical Research in New England David Appleton
One Approach to Publishing Your Family History David Appleton
Heraldry – the Shorthand of History Charles Burnett
Ecclesiastical Heraldry Charles Burnett
The Heraldic Commemoration of Death Charles Burnett
What do Officers of Arms do? Charles Burnett
The Honours of Scotland – the oldest Crown Jewels in the United Kingdom Charles Burnett
John, 3rd Marquess of Bute, Patron in Wales and Scotland Charles Burnett
The Hanseatic League: a medieval Trading Group in Europe Charles Burnett
The Romanovs – the Russian Imperial Family Charles Burnett
Freemasonry and 18th century British Sociability Pauline Chakmakjian
Masonic Symbolism I (25 most common symbols in Freemasonry) Pauline Chakmakjian
Masonic Symbolism II (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Royal Arch Rituals w/Tracing Boards) Pauline Chakmakjian
Royal and Famous Freemasons (includes masonic coats of arms) Pauline Chakmakjian
Masonic Ranks and Associated Symbols Pauline Chakmakjian
Freemasonry and Egyptian / Middle Eastern Symbolism Pauline Chakmakjian
Freemasonry, Knights Templar and Rosslyn Chapel Pauline Chakmakjian
Christian Chivalric Orders of Freemasonry, The Pauline Chakmakjian
Around the Masonic World in 40 minutes (Non-UK FM/their Grand Lodges) Pauline Chakmakjian
Japanese Castles and Mon (includes a mini history of feudal Japan) Pauline Chakmakjian
Heraldry: It’s All Around Us (An introduction to everyday heraldry) Chloe Cockerill
Helms, Hatchments & Hedgehogs (An Introduction to English Church Heraldry) Chloe Cockerill
Pomp & Circumstance (Royal Ceremonies form Coronations to Jubilees) Chloe Cockerill
The Unicorn in Art & History Chloe Cockerill
The Royal Arms (British Monarchs & their Heraldry) Chloe Cockerill
Heraldic Beasts Chloe Cockerill
Gunpowder Plotters – Gentlemen All, The Martin Goldstraw
Arms of the Descendants of Lidulph of Twemlow, The Martin Goldstraw
Different Kinds of Arms (Archibald Barrington) Martin Goldstraw
Kinderton Roll, The Martin Goldstraw
Genealogists’ Picture Book, The (a heraldry primer for family historians, showing how heraldry can reveal unsuspected genealogy) Andrew Gray
Heraldry of the Dead, The (a general and wide-ranging talk on hatchments, drawing on our image library) Andrew Gray
Forgotten Dead, The (further memoirs of a hatchment hunter) Andrew Gray
English Hatchment, The Andrew Gray
Randle Holmes, The (on the Chester dynasty of deputy heralds and their work) Andrew Gray
Monks at Arms – Puzzles of Monastic Heraldry (analysing the credibility and sources of the arms of abbeys and priories) Andrew Gray
Arms of the Law (heraldry of legal London) Andrew Gray
Garters at War (the parallel careers of Edward Bysshe and Edward Walker during the Civil War, Commonwealth and Restoration) Andrew Gray
How not to design Civic Heraldry (my ideas on good and bad heraldic design) Andrew Gray
You can’t argue with the dead (funeral heraldry and family legend) Andrew Gray
East Indiamen and Other Pirates (on traceable heraldry on those who built our mercantile empire) Andrew Gray
Arms for Arthur’s Round Table (the history of the Round Table of Winchester and a possible armorial for it) Andrew Gray
Foundation of St Katherine by the Tower – its history, its wanderings, its heraldry Andrew Gray
All the World on a Shield – the encylopaedic vision of Randle Holme III Andrew Gray
Ladies of the Garter – enrobed in the mediaeval Order, and their heraldry Andrew Gray
The Arms of the City of London and its Livery Companies Paul D Jagger
The Arms of the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey Paul D Jagger
The Arms of the Cambridge Colleges Paul D Jagger
An lntroduction to British Heraldry Paul D Jagger
Petitioning the Crown for a lawful Grant of Arms Paul D Jagger
Heraldry in the 21st Century British Society: a graphic designer’s perspective Daniel McCabe
Pineapples, Pelicans, Pursuivants, Heraldry in Jamaica 1660-2010 Duncan Sutherland
The Heraldry of Women Parliamentarians, 1958 to the present Duncan Sutherland
Heraldry in the University of the West Indies chapel Duncan Sutherland
Cheshire & Lancashire Gentry from the Adlington Roll John Titterton
Chinese Armorial Porcelain John Titterton
Derbyshire Heraldic Miscellany John Titterton
English Heraldry: An Introduction John Titterton
English Tudor Heraldic glass in Philadelphia John Titterton
From Guillim to Boutell: Heraldic Manuals Centuries Apart John Titterton
Grisaille and Heraldic Glass at Norbury, Derbyshire, The John Titterton
Heraldic glass at Ockwell’s Manor, The John Titterton
Lost heraldry of Sir Henry Lee, Queen’s Champion, d. 1611, The John Titterton
Tudor Peerage in the Adlington Roll, The
John Titterton
Two Early Grants of Arms; Bruggford 1415 and Whitgreave 1442 John Titterton
What a Canton Can Tell John Titterton
Valence Casket, The John Titterton
Livery Collar, The: its significance and Use from the 14th to 16th Centuries Matthew Ward
Livery Collar, The: Its Use through the Centuries Matthew Ward