Submit Arms

We invite any armigerous member of the Society to submit a copy of their arms for inclusion on the Member’s Arms pages of the website.

If you wish to have your arms included then you:

  1. must be a member of the Heraldry Society
  2. must be legally entitled to bear arms, if you live where arms are governed by law
  3. should, if you live elsewhere, have a history of the use of the arms, or have registered them

You should also provide:

  1. your full name
  2. your email address (in case of queries)
  3. your Heraldry Society membership number
  4. the blazon of the shield
  5. the blazon of any crest, including the colours of any wreath or mantling
  6. your motto (with translation into English where appropriate)
  7. authority or documentation:
    either: who granted the arms (eg. the College of Arms, the Court of the Lord Lyon, Canadian Heraldic Authority, etc.), the date of the grant, agent, matriculation, etc.
    or: which Registry, College or Society has registered your arms, with date and other relevant data ✠
    or: documentary evidence of the use of the arms by you or your forebears
  8. the name of the artist of the painting that has been submitted
  9. in the Notes field, you may add any other information, such as background for the design, and other heraldic elements such as supporters, badges or standards.

✠ Organisations which grant, certify or register arms may be found listed on our links pages.

You should also include an image of your arms, preferably at least 500 pixels by 500 pixels. The background should be pure white. JPEG or PNG are the best formats to use and don’t compress the image too much, so the details remain clean and crisp. If you are not able to produce a good image yourself, please use the best photograph of an example you can make.

Submit Arms
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