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28 November 2020

Gift Membership

Are you ever stuck for that 'different' present for a relative or friend? How about a Gift Membership to The Heraldry Society!

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7 December 2019

UPDATE – The Display of Heraldry – Now available from our online shop

This beautifully illustrated first supplementary volume of the Heraldry Society’s journal, The Coat of Arms, has its origins in the interdisciplinary conference Emblems and Enigma: the Heraldic Imagination, organized by Fiona Robertson and Peter N. Lindfield and held at the Society of Antiquaries of London on 26 April 2014. Emblems and Enigma addressed heraldry’s artistic and social manifestations in Europe from the medieval period on, analysing its role as an artistic form that speaks through continually reinvented tradition, visual and verbal allusion of identity, social and cultural membership, inclusion and differentiation, aspiration and historical irony.

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