Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms:
Epp, Dylan Francis

Argent three boar-spear heads Gules points upwards two and one a chief embattled Azure semee of estoiles or
On a helm mantled Gules doubled Argent, on a wreath of the colours: A demi-griffin segreant Azure armed membered and langued Or holding in its claws a staff erect proper flowing therefrom a banner divided per bend sinister double-bevilled Argent and Azure a bordure Gules.
Táimid marbh cheana féin (We are already dead)

The Chief Herald of Ireland, 25th of August 2021, Volume Ab, folio 15


Artist: Billy Lutton
Badge: Between two oak branches conjoined in base leaved and fructed a common puffin erect with dexter leg raised holding in its beak the dexter branch proper and the said badge to descend with the undifferenced arms.
Herald: Mr. Donal Burke.
It should be noted that per the Herald I use a label of three points and my son a label of five even though the grant is in my name. This is because I had the phrase “and all other descendants of his father” included, therefore the undifferenced arms belong to my father. I however, wanted to use the artwork from the Grant.