Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms

Many of the members of the Heraldry Society are armigerous, ie. they have a coat of arms. This gives us an opportunity to introduce you to the wide range of designs and styles that are used for modern, and ancient, heraldry. The arms are organised by the member’s surname.

Current Members

Tunesi of Liongam, John

Quarterly: 1st and 4th, Per chevron Azure and Gules a chevron écimé Or supporting a castle triple towered Argent windows and port of the Second and issuant from the base a mount of six coupeaux of the Fourth, (Tunesi of Liongam); 2nd and 3rd, Barry of eight Or and Gules the head of a Celtic cross between three mullets Argent (Dodds).Guidon: Eight feet in length with rounded end having the St Andrew’s Cross in the hoist, of five tracts of these liveries Or and Azure thereon the crest, videlicet:- in front of a palm tree a dromedary camel couchant Proper, and in the fly in letters Gules the Motto "Ex Ungue Leonem". Pennon: 120 centimetres long of these liveries Or and Azure with the Arms of Tunesi of Liongam quartering Dodds in the hoist bearing the Motto "Ex Ungue Leonem" in two lines counterchanged.
In front of a palm tree a dromedary camel couchant Proper.
EX UNGUE LEONEM (The lion shall be known by its claw)
Court of the Lord Lyon, Crest and Guidon Matriculated 29th September 2000, Pennon granted 27th January 2005


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