Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms:
Lindley-Highfield of Ballumbie Castle, Mark

Per fess Purpure and Vert, a fess chequy Sable and Argent between in chief a castle of two towers Argent masoned Sable the windows and port Azure and in base a rose Argent, barbed Sable and seeded Or.
Two swans respectant Sable each holding in its beak a rose Argent.
Fortiores Coniuncti (Together Stronger)
26th April 2010; 60th page, 88th Volume of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland. Registered: College of Arms, London, February 2011 (Windsor Herald), 5th Volume of Scottish Arms recorded at the College of Arms, pages 98–100.

Artist: Andrew Stewart Jamieson (c) 2018.