Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms:
Salgado Fuentes, Miguel Ángel

Per pale Vert and Azure, in chief an eagle displayed, in dexter base a salt shaker Argent, in sinister base a fleur-de-lis Or all within a bordure per pale Sable and Argent charged with four crosses pattee Gules in chief, base and flanks.
Three ostrich feathers Vert, Argent and Azure.
Quaere Deum et Invenies Illum (Seek God and you will find him)

Registro Internacional de Armas Gentilicias (RIAG), Spain. number: 860, 6th October 2017 / The International Register of Arms, 14th April 2021. Registration No. 0595


Artist: Ignacio Koblischek (RIAG). Designed by Miguel Ángel Salgado Fuentes.