Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms:
Severson, Kimberly Louise

Gyronny of eight Azure and Argent a hurt charged with a triquetra Argent all within a bordure Sable
A male Sialia currucoides (Mountain Bluebird) proper volant affronty
In the beginning was the WORD
Assumed 28 July 2021 in the United States of America; Armorial Register International Register of Arms, 4th August 2021, Registration No. 0605 (Vol.4).

Artist: John Duncan of Sketraw.
The arms communicate the faith of the armiger, her participation in music, particularly vocal, and a love of art and writing. Azure and Argent are the armiger’s favourite colours and symbolize spirituality and purity. The voice of the bluebird symbolizes vocal music, and its feathers symbolize quills for art and writing. The bordure Sable symbolizes safe space.