Grant of Arms
Grant of Arms

Members' Roll of Arms:
Wright, Charles Ferguson Melville

Sable on a chevron Argent three spears' heads Gules in chief two unicorns' heads erased Argent armed and maned Or in base on a pile of the last issuant from the chevron a unicorn's head erased of the first
A unicorn's head argent erased and charged upon the neck with three spears' heads chevronwise Gules armed and crined Or
Ad Rem (To the Point)

Arms granted by Sir George Nayler, Garter, and Edmund Lodge, Norroy, to Samuel Wright of Gunthorpe, Notts and to the other descendants of his grandfather, Ichabod Wright of Nottingham.


The crest was granted in 1845 to Francis Wright of Osmaston, Derbys, and his brother Marcus, British Consul at Wiborg in the Grand Duchy of Finland. The original grant was, for a crest, “Out of a crescent Or a unicorn’s head Argent erased Gules armed and maned of the first”